Ross began teaching college courses in 2007 and has taught on a variety of topics, such as…

United States:

  • United States to 1865
  • United States since 1945 (emphasis on American foreign relations and human rights)
  • Great Trials in American History (I designed this course to focus on five legal trials:  Salem Witches, Cherokee Removal, Amistad, Scopes, & Brown v. Board of Education)



  • The Holocaust: History and Meaning
  • Great Trials in World History (from a European perspective)
  • European Revolutions, 1789-1989 (emphasis on ideologies and human rights)
  • European Expansion and Empires (emphasis on Great Britain and France)
  • Western Civilization I and II



  • War, Crimes against Humanity, and Global Justice
  • The Contemporary World (interdisciplinary course combining history, political science, sociology, popular culture, and current events)
  • Cross-Cultural Competence and Global Awareness (interdisciplinary course for UNCG’s Integrated Professional Studies program)
  • Civilizations of Asia (survey of China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam from 1800 to the present)
  • Topics in Premodern World History: Global Developments to 1500
  • The World in the 20th Century, 1900-1945 (focus on the development of international human rights)
  • History and Philosophy of Sport and Physical Education (from ancient times to the present)


Contemporary Issues:

  • Freshman Seminar on Reasoning and Discourse: Lies, Conspiracies, and “Fake News”